A Client’s Success Story…Through her Eyes
March 2021 

As a homebuyer in a very hostile market, I was starting to think I would not be able to find a home for my kids and I.  However, through a series of events, many house tours, and the support of an experienced realtor, it truly felt like somehow this home waited for us…..like it was meant to be.

1st and 2nd week
I was ready to buy!  Ready to seriously start looking for a home to call our own!  I contacted my realtor, Reg and shared the exciting news.

The first couple of weeks were overwhelming!  Reg sent me countless active listings daily which matched the criteria of what I was looking for. After carefully narrowing down the homes I wanted to see, I emailed Reg my list of ‘favourites’ to book.

3rd week – “The tour begins”
Our first showing was on a Sunday @ 11am. My daughter and I met with  Reg and looked at a number of homes that day, a few more throughout the week, and a couple more the next weekend.  We looked at homes in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Langley and Surrey!  

As a single mom, my budget was very specific so I was willing to move further east and was contemplating putting an offer on a beautiful home in Aldergrove. However, my son was not keen on the idea of an extended commute daily and my daughter did not want to have to change highschools.  After some deep thought I thought, what if my 25 year old son were to go on title with me?  He was at a stage in his life where work was steady and he had just started saving to buy his own home in potentially 5 years.  Doing this would allow me to maintain my budget and provide him with an exceptional opportunity to becoming a homeowner while investing towards his own home in the future.  I spoke with my financial planner, mortgage broker and realtor who all agreed at what a great opportunity this would be for my son’s future while meeting my children’s desire to stay closer to the Surrey/Langley area.

Reg immediately updated our criteria and started sending active listings for our consideration.

4th week – “Let’s make an offer”
The weather was perfect. A little chilly but a perfect day to go on 4 home tours.  My son was unable to come out due to work so we video-chatted with him during each tour so that he could still see the homes. 

The first 3 homes were ‘ok’ and we left each home with varying types of critique.

We finally arrived at the last property of the day and entered the home. We were immediately impressed with the potential, and with my son on video chat we toured the rest of the home with hope.  Despite some obvious work that the home would need this home checked off most of our requirements…plus it was 5 minutes away from my daughter’s highschool!  I chatted with my children, turned to Reg and said, “we like it, let’s make an offer”!

The offer went back and forth a few times and Reg tried really hard for us to get the offer to a level within our budget.  After much negotiating the offer stalled at a number that made us a bit uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, we wanted to try and made the offer subject to finance. 

Over the weekend, I spoke with Reg on the phone several times. Committing to our first acceptance offer was scary especially when we had a budget we wanted to stay within. After further discussions with our mortgage broker we just couldn’t make the numbers work.  As the saying goes….”close but no cigar”.  I notified Reg and sadly had to rescind the contract. 

5th week – “The Awning got me”
The following week was busy!!  Reg booked 6 tours for us…..and by now he knew exactly what we were looking for.  Every home had potential! The tour ended with us making an offer on one of them….beautiful and move in ready, and the backyard was amazing…it had an awning that was truly the cherry on top.

We wanted this place!  With Reg’s expertise and guidance we went in with what I thought was a generous offer over asking price. 

The afternoon came and went. By evening we had received several updates from Reg.  It seemed clear that this specific process was all about the highest price offer. The seller wanted the highest bid and subject free. Despite our high and above-asking offer, the seller settled on a much higher above-asking offer.  Back to the drawing board!

6th week – “3rd Times a charm…maybe”
The next place we saw made our hearts beat faster.  Both my children were excited. I was too but was worried as this home was even more amazing than the last one we made an offer on. Reg truly understood our needs. We had to go all in on this one if we wanted to have a good chance at an accepted offer.  With Reg’s expert advice we gave it all we had.  $120,000 over asking and no subjects.

Once again another rejection and we were so disappointed. We were feeling so defeated and feeling like this just wasn’t going to happen for us.  The market was crazy!  $200,000 to $300,000 OVER asking….no subjects…how could we compete with that?  24 other offers for this home…we never had a chance.

Throughout all of this Reg’s support and empathy was unwavering.  He was very supportive and reassured us that we had done everything we could short of putting our family in a financially compromising position.  He reassured me…..he knew I had other goals to meet and promised he would help us find a home that was perfect for us and one that we would be financially comfortable with.

For some reason, the thought of the first home we made an offer on would not leave my mind.  I texted Reg when I woke up the next morning asking out of my own curiosity if the first home we made an offer on had sold.  Reg called me minutes after I sent that text…

7th week – “Pure joy and a little bit of luck”
“I had just seen your text and soon after…..you won’t believe this…but I just received a call from another realtor….the listing agent from the 1st offer we had made.”

To my complete disbelief and surprise, Reg proceeded to tell me that the seller from the first house we had made an offer on was willing to negotiate a fair price with us. I was silent for awhile and then called my son to my room.  All I could think was “how?”, “why?”, “did this house wait for us?”, “was this meant to be?” With all we had been through the past several weeks and the crazy high offers that made it impossible for us to compete….how was this possible?

“YES! We accept!  Please submit the offer Reg and Thank You!”

After this crazy and amazing journey with Reg by our side all the cheesy but true sayings come to mind…

Good things come to those that wait.

If it is meant to be, it will be.

All things happen for a reason.

….and my own personal saying…all (home related) things are possible with an experienced realtor by your side!

My motivation has always been my children.  Everything I do is for them.  Even though I had a specific budget in mind as I look towards my own personal goals and plans for retirement, my children’s happiness still always comes first.  With Reg’s help, I have been able to help my son plan for his future and keep my daughter in the community she loves.  

We were able to call Reg and confirm removal of all subjects with lots of time to spare.  What a rollercoaster ride this has been……and an often emotional one!  A ride that was made tolerable and easier with Reg by our side…..and he was in all reality by our side every step of the way!  So many appointments and last minute tours and Reg came many times on short notice from as far as West Vancouver to Abbotsford to bear every step of this journey with us in person.  I called Reg to say the following, “Reg, I am forever grateful for your hard work and stellar customer service.  We appreciate how much you persevered with us throughout the entire process and how you truly understood the needs of our family.  Your expertise, support and guidance throughout these past weeks were genuine and amazing and we could not have survived the ups and downs of these past several weeks without you.  I am forever your fan and customer.

This is our story of our Happily Ever After.


Our Heartfelt Thanks To You
July 2021 

Shoutout to our realtor Reg Ofreneo!!! 👍

Our heartfelt thanks to you for all your help in selling our home and finding our dream home. You sold our place in just 7 days and you patiently guided us to find our new home. We really appreciate your hard work and commitment Reg. We couldn’t have done it without your wisdom, diligence and expertise. We are forever grateful. May God bless you with more success and prosperity! 🙏🙏🙏 We miss you already hehehe😂
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