WINNIE CHIU - AGENT PHOTOWinnie Chiu (Real Estate Sales Consultant)

Without a doubt, Winnie Chiu is mature beyond her years. She is fortunate to have experience living in three different countries – Canada, Hong Kong (PRC) and Malaysia. This changing of environment has created her strong and friendly personality that enables her to quickly adapt to any situation. She is able to effectively multi-task and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

At a young age, Winnie is able to accomplish many achievements. She holds a CPA, CMA Accounting designation, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics from Simon Fraser University and recently obtained her Real Estate License from British Columbia Real Estate Association. Although continuous learning is the key to success, having practical experience is even more important. She began her real estate career as a receptionist at a local industry leading Realty Company and slowly transitioned into the accounting department working as an AP and AR for 5 years. She managed over 40 strata complexes at a time and maintained excellent relationships with property managers, owners/tenants and vendors. She treated each client with respect and provided accurate information and recommendations to their financial situations.

With the help of her parents, she was able to purchase her first home when she was just 22. She understands the struggles and difficulties that the younger generation faces and will work together with clients to give her professional advice. Winnie is excited to share her knowledge with her clients as they find their dream homes.

In her spare time, Winnie serves as a strata council member at her complex. She enjoys researching and updating her construction knowledge with her construction management builder fiancé, together they help clients solve all their home enquiries. Also, she loves catching up with friends and trying new restaurants and dessert places.

趙詠儀 (房地产销售顾问)


年轻的她,詠儀已经获得许多骄傲的成绩。她获得注册会计师,CPA, CMA 的名誉, 在西门非沙大学主修经济学的学士学位。最近还从BCREA地产商会获得她的房地产执照。人们不断的学习才是成功的关键,但是拥有丰富的实践经验更是重要。她的房地产生涯一开始是在一间当地著名的物业管理公司当一名接待员,后来公司提拔她到会计部门工作五年。在这段时间,她管理超过四十栋住宅与商业楼盘的数,跟物业管理经理、 业主/住户与厂商都保持良好的关系。她对待每位客户都极端尊重,并会提供准确的信息和经济状况的建议。


詠儀在她休闲的时间会在自己居住的公寓义务当会员。她喜欢与建築管理未婚夫研究邻里的房子, 非常歡迎为客户们解決各种建筑与装修的问题。詠儀更喜欢与家人和朋友们品尝各种新的美食。

Reg Ofreneo (Managing Broker/Real Estate Consultant)

Reg Ofreneo has spent most of his life here in Vancouver. His love of real estate started long before he became a realtor, in his early 20’s to be exact. He quickly developed a knack to invest in properties that appreciated overtime.

Client trust and professional performance are the very basis of his accomplishments as a real estate agent. Combining that with his communication, knowledge, marketing and negotiation skills has placed him firmly with his clients in the last 11 years. Fine tuning those skills allowed him to develop an almost intuitive understanding of the needs, goals and lifestyles of his diverse clientele.

Along with his wife Marian and two children, Reg enjoys a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball and golf. He also loves to spend time with his family, vacationing in different parts of the world and volunteering his time as coach at his children’s school. Last year, he donated to a variety of causes such as the Red Cross, ALS, and the entire family participated in the Run Up for Down Syndrome 2014.

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