Pacific Westpoint Realty Group

We are your Realty Brokerage firm like no other. Our vision is to provide our clients with a superior experience and not just another buy and sell transaction.

We want to make either buying a home or selling a home an enjoyable and satisfying experience. A home sale or purchase is not just another financial transaction, it is the biggest financial decision for most people, and we get this loud and clear at Pacific Westpoint Realty Group.

At Pacific Westpoint Realty Group, we make every effort to understand our clients’ needs in order to help them in the best way possible, whether buying their first home, selling their existing home and purchasing a new one.

Our team has the best tools and resources at their disposal to standout among their peers in the industry.

Our strong and in some instances exclusive partnerships with major stakeholders in the BC real estate industry, defines us and put us on a different level and give our client a competitive edge dealing with us.

Our Values

Customer Centric

We put our clients front and centre in everything we do.

Continuous improvement and Innovation

We strive to continuously develop and improve our ways of doing business. We venture into new and breakthrough areas of opportunity and technologies to help deliver a superior client experience.

We care about our people

We invest in our employees and team members to improve and develop their skills and take a great interest in helping them with their personal growth.


We respect, value and encourage our people to make suggestions and voice their opinions to make us a better organization.

Care of the Environment

We will do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Founder / Managing Broker 

Reg Ofreneo has spent most of his life here in Vancouver. His love of real estate started long before he became a realtor, in his early 20’s to be exact. He quickly developed a knack to invest in properties that appreciated overtime.

Client trust and professional performance are the very basis of his accomplishments as a real estate agent. Combining that with his communication, knowledge, marketing and negotiation skills has placed him firmly with his clients in the last 16 years. Fine tuning those skills allowed him to develop an almost intuitive understanding of the needs, goals and lifestyles of his diverse clientele.

Along with his wife Marian and two children, Reg enjoys a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball and golf. He also loves to spend time with his family, vacationing in different parts of the world and volunteering his time as coach at his children’s school. Last year, he donated to a variety of causes such as the Red Cross, ALS, and the entire family participated in the Run Up for Down Syndrome 2014.


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